Wait Your Turn


This is the accepted order for the eating of salt mix. Princess first, then Nova, then Lady and Duchess. It’s not always this orderly since sheep don’t like waiting in line, but this is how it always ends up. Eventually. As I was leaving I could hear heads cracking together, so apparently it wasn’t fully settled yet.

The flock pecking order is in a bit of an upheaval at the moment, because sometime over the past week or so Nova seems to have lost her Lamb Privileges that granted her Princess’s rank on an honorary basis. Instead of the sparring games she’s been playing with her aunties practically since she was born, Nova’s been getting into distinctly more adult-level fights with Lady as they decide who’s going to be the number 2 sheep around here. My money’s on Nova in the long run, but Lady’s putting up a pretty good fight.

Who holds the top position in the flock, of course, is not open to question.


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