Dog Days

The trouble with fall is that in the mornings my allergies are too bad for me to stay out in the weedy pasture with the sheep, and later in the day when the pollen has died down it’s so hot I could melt into a puddle.
I feel like a bad shepherd if I don’t spend at least a little time with the sheep though, so sometimes in the afternoon I’ll sit in the shade of a tree for a while.


The big guys and Liam (who’s getting to be a pretty big guy himself) chilling in the shade. Duke, of course, gets the coolest, shadiest spot and Barney gets to lay in the penumbra, the partial shade at the edge of a shadow.

“I need extra crunchies because I have an ouchy booboo on my mouth.”
The vet said it wouldn’t do any good to stitch his cheek back together, but the edges seem to be healing more cleanly than Nova’s did.

“You stay away from my mommy you sheep! Hey! You’re supposed to run when I chase you!”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, YappyRunningDog.”

The sheep aren’t as impressed by his barking as they used to be. They trust the OuchyZappyFence more than I do.

“When I was a lamb I had a friend who was a Great Pyrenees. I’m not afraid of any old collie dog.”

“I have brought my flock to the shade, and we’re staying put. I don’t care how much that irritating dog barks, it’s too hot to run.”
I’ll be very happy when allergy season is over so I can stay outside in the morning when it’s cooler.


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