Too Interesting

There haven’t been many sheep posts lately, because during late summer and early fall the sheep aren’t doing much but eating and getting ready for the fall breeding season, which makes for pretty boring reading.

Boring is better than the alternative, however. My allergies have been worse than usual this year, and I haven’t had a night’s sleep in days because Watcher’s been sick and I’ve had to keep making emergency runs outside for him to have the runs. In between the emergency runs outside for him to puke. Just to make sure he causes as much trouble as possible, on the way out of the vet this morning he slipped his harness, took off down the road and nearly got hit by a car.

On top of me and Watcher both being sick, yesterday Neo to cut his mouth the exact same way Nova cut hers a few months ago. I’m going crazy trying to figure out what they hurt themselves on, but I can’t find anything. I think the poor little guy’s mouth is even worse than Nova’s was, and I don’t want it to heal up badly like hers did. The edges of Nova’s cut seem to be healed over and the vet says the infection is gone, but the scar is pretty lumpy and her cud still dribbles out of her mouth some.

I don’t know if I should get the vet to stitch Neo’s cheek closed so it will heal more cleanly, or if I should leave it alone, or if it’s even possible to put stitches in a sheep’s cheek. I put some of Nova’s leftover medicine on it, but I’m not sure what else to do.


“Can I use you as a pillow, Liam? My face hurts.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

I imagine Liam makes a very soft, fluffy pillow. If Neo has to be hurt, at least he’s got a comfy place to rest his head.

Now I think I’m going to go collapse somewhere and not wake up for a week. 

6 thoughts on “Too Interesting

  1. Rx- Take two Hershey’s Kisses and call me in the morning. A shot of whiskey is optional (but don’t even think about doing this if you are taking antihistamines, please!).

    • Haha, when I first read your comment I thought you were suggesting I give chocolate and whiskey to Neo, and I couldn’t figure out why you thought he would be on antihistamines.
      I must be even more tired than I thought! 🙂

    • I have No. Idea. He’s not even in the same field as Nova was when she tore her mouth. I have walked the entirety of their pen and I can’t find anything he could have ripped his cheek open on. And it had to be labor day weekend so I haven’t been able to get a vet out to stitch it. *headdesk*

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