Drama Princess


“Sigh. I remember when we were free to wander all over that field and eat all the grass we wanted.”


“Are you old enough to remember those times, Nova? Those were the good old days.”
“I-I think so… It’s kind of a vague, hazy memory.”
Um, that was less than 12 hours ago, kids. I think you’re being a little melodramatic.


“But I’m hungry!”
Me too, let’s go let the guys out so I can go have breakfast.


Liam still waits until I turn my back, then shoots out the door at top speed. Other than that, he’s about the least dramatic sheep I have, perfectly content to go out, eat grass, come in at night and repeat. Although he has recently started paying more attention to the girls, so his days of peace may be numbered…


“Bring it on, FluffyWoollySheep. Bring. It. On.”
I’ve noticed Barney banging his head into the tree sometimes lately. Either he’s working out by using the tree as a punching bag, or Duke’s getting hard to live with.


“Do I look like I work out?
Poor Barney. He thinks he has the hardest job on the farm, playing Sancho to Duke’s Don Quixote.
Between Duke and Princess, I wonder where Nova gets her… forceful personality?


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