Rainy Day

Today Watcher woke up from his afternoon nap insisting that we had to go outside and play fetch or he would explode.


This is the view from our porch today. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t actually enjoy playing fetch in the rain. I was even more sure that I wouldn’t enjoy playing fetch in the rain.

Despite the rain, Watcher was adamant that he had to play fetch Right Now, so I let him out and he went trotting off into the yard with his tail curved up over his back and his toy in his mouth.

He got about 20 feet. He stopped. His ears laid back. He came running back to the porch, shook the water out of his coat, and stood there looking confused and dejected. 


“Whatever shall we do?! I want to play fetch but it’s all wet out there!”

So we played fetch on the porch. Our porch isn’t that long, so I’m pretty sure Porch Fetch is to Yard Fetch what putt-putt is to golf. Watcher enjoyed himself, though.


“Haha, I got you, Snakey Toy! You shall never escape me!”


“You can’t catch me!”

Eventually he had to go out in the rain to do his business and bark at the guys working on the neighbor’s roof. After that he was cold and wet and miserable and wanted to come back in the house.


“I hate being wet!”

All snuggled up in my his bathrobe. At least it’s color coordinated.

Once he was dried off, it was time to play his favorite inside game.


“I’ll hold my Rope Ball, you pet me and tell me I’m special, and I’ll wind around your legs in figure eights.”

Hmm, he catches his toys with his paws, he hates being wet, and he loves winding around people’s legs and tripping them. Conclusion: he only thinks he’s a dog. He’s actually a giant cat. 

That game ended as usual with him rolling around on the floor snarling viciously and pretending to bite me while I rubbed his belly, then he finally flopped over on his side for a quick nap. While keeping one eye on the ball, of course.


“Just ’cause I’m not playing with it right now doesn’t mean you can have it!”

By “quick nap” I mean about 30 seconds. Then he was raring to go again.

No sheep pictures this time; I could have taken pictures of them sitting in their Clubhouses looking grumpy about the rain, but I would have gotten soaked so I didn’t.


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