Family Resemblance


This is the son of a ewe who has twice nearly strangled herself to death in a fence. I’m waiting nervously for the day he sticks his head through there and can’t pull back out.


“I think the grass is plenty yummy on our own side of the fence!”
Liam is a good boy. I think his horns may already be too wide to fit through the fence, but he seems content with his own grass.


Duke on the other hand… Duke’s head is too big to fit through the fence, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

I can’t decide who Nova resembles more. She looks a lot like her mama, but sometimes I think she looks like Duke, too. Her coat is much darker than Princess’s, but her face is lighter than Duke’s. Her baby fluff is falling out in super-short tufts like Princess’s did as a lamb, as opposed to Duke who never sheds at all. You can see the shaggy parts in the picture where there’s a fiber break in her wool. Soays aren’t supposed to shed until they’re yearlings, and some don’t shed until two years of age, but Princess has always written her own rules.

The handful of Nova-fluff I pulled off of her was black like Duke, but hairy like Princess. What a wonderful combination. I’ll just hope that only the wiry parts fall out and leave nice wool behind for the spring rooing.


And Watcher watchfully watches “his” flock, like his collie ancestors have for centuries. Three times now he’s sounded the alarm just in time to save a sheep who was stuck in the fence. He drives me crazy with his puppy shenanigans, but I think he’s going to mature into a very fine dog.


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