Easier to Ask Forgiveness

The girls decided they needed to move to field 3 today, down by the boys. I came home and Duchess and Lady had moved over there on their own. Princess not being the fence jumping type I went ahead and opened the fence to let her and Nova out. I think Lady may have been in heat, but if so the damage is probably already done and there’s no point in fighting with them trying to get them back out of that field.


“Ooh, check out the wool on that new guy!”
Everybody came to the fence to meet Liam. Neo cried for his mama but Lady didn’t pay much attention.


What’re you guys doing, Auntie Lady?”
“Oh Nova! I didn’t see you there. We’re not doing anything, just admiring the… scenery. Why don’t you run along and play?”


“You gotta try this stuff, Mom! It’s delicious!”

Princess is obviously deeply interested in checking out the scenery. If by “scenery” you mean “greenery”. She briefly sniffed noses through the fence, but as far as she’s concerned the main advantage of the new field is new things to eat.


Watcher supervises this new development. He’s not sure it meets with his approval, having that many sheep in one place.
I’m not sure it meets my approval, either, but I guess I know now what that planning meeting the girls had the other day was about.


5 thoughts on “Easier to Ask Forgiveness

    • They can clear a 4′ fence if they’re determined enough (Duchess did it at the ripe old age of 3 months), but today they jumped the 3′ interior fencing. Which Lady can do without skimming the fence with a hoof.

    • Probably so, I don’t imagine they do much fence jumping. 😉 It’s funny how the little ones are better at jumping fences than the tall breeds. They’re very aerodynamic though, lean and long legged like they’re built to fly. I think Santa’s eight “tiny reindeer” were really Soay sheep. 😀

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