The Time Draws Near


I looked  up from sweeping the Clubhouse. That was the distinctive noise of sheep heads thudding together.


Well, I thought, I better go see if Duke’s beating up poor Barney. I went out and glanced towards the ram pen. Duke and Barney were both peacefully grazing with a good distance between them. 


Maybe it was the little guys? No, Liam was sleeping in the Boys’ Clubhouse and Neo had his head through the fence grazing.


Puzzled, I looked over at the ewes, and saw Lady and Princess head butting each other for all they were worth. Lady was the challenger, rearing up on her hind legs and falling forward to give added momentum to her strikes.


Princess was not going to stand for that sort of nonsense and quickly dissuaded Lady from pressing the argument further. Nova stood off to the side watching with her eyes all bugged out. Duchess continued to graze, just happy Lady wasn’t attacking her.

Once Lady decided that butting the Leadersheep wasn’t getting her anywhere, she whirled around and started jumping straight up and twisting around in midair, spinning in circles.

Nova was convinced Auntie Lady had gone mad, but I recognized this behavior from last fall. Coupled with the added bulk Duke is putting on around the neck and shoulders, it signals the beginning of the fall rut.

“Guys, chill!” I tell them. “Nothing’s going to happen around here for at least another two months!”
“Yeah Mom, whatever. Hang on a minute, we’re in the middle of a planning meeting.”
Thanks for including me in the meeting, girls. Can I at least submit my plan for the committee to consider?
“Don’t feel bad, ShepherdPerson. They never include me, either. Girls are crazy.”
Duke seems perpetually befuddled when he’s with the girls. The girls’ games are too intricate; he only likes to play games that involve hitting things head first at high speed.
“I think everybody here is crazy! I was supposed to go live at Broken Ear Farm, but I think I got dropped off at the Funny Farm by accident.”
Liam tried to climb on the hoop house the other day like Neo does, but his hooves poked right through the tarp and he fell through up to his elbows. I went to pull him out, but he got out on his own before I could get there. No harm done to anything but the tarp.
I think Watcher’s sleeping with his bowl on his head to ward off whatever alien signals are obviously controlling everybody else’s brains. It’s too late, though. He’s just as crazy as the rest of us.

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