First Morning

Liam wasn’t quite sure he wanted to get up this morning. I think he was hoping he’d wake up and find out the whole thing was a dream, and he was back with his mama and sister.


“Come on, Liam! It’s time to go graze!”

“Um, I don’t know… maybe I’ll just stay in here…”

“Fine. I’ll just go without you then.”

Liam didn’t want to come out, but he also didn’t want to be alone. He was nervous about going past me, so I turned around and promised not to peek, and he came shooting out of the clubhouse like a rocket.


“This Barney sheep is nice…”


“…and this grass is nice…”


“…and my new friend Neo is nice…”


“…but I’m not any too sure about this ‘ShepherdPerson’ yet.”

Since Liam is a ram I don’t want him to be too tame, but I’d also rather he not flee in terror at the sight of me. We’ll have to work on that. Probably no crunchies for him, though. Rams that expect treats can be dangerous.

Liam hasn’t been calling for his mama, probably because he knows she’s not here. Neo can see and smell his mama two paddocks over, so he’s still crying. Lady answers every once in a while, but she seems relieved more than worried.


“Lamb? What lamb? Did I have a lamb?”

Nova seems to miss Neo a little, but I think she misses the cute little guy that used to hero-worship her more than she misses the big teenage guy who always played too rough.

Princess dislikes any and all male sheep, and she’s happy to have an all-girl flock again.

Duchess is happy that she’s not getting beat up anymore, and that Lady is hanging out with her again. She felt a bit left out when Lady was giving all of her attention to her lamb. Hopefully next year they’ll both have lambs to pay attention to.

2 thoughts on “First Morning

    • My Soays used to do that but they’ve calmed down as they’ve gotten tamer, and now they don’t charge the gate as fast except for Duchess when she’s feeling “frisky”. Then she’ll blow through the gate at a dead run and do a flying leap through the air as she passes me. 🙂 She knows I’m not going to grab her, she just likes to pretend it’s a Daring Escape.

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