Hello, Liam!

Neo has a new buddy from Square Peg Farm! He and Liam are staying in the ram pen, since they’re still too little to hang out with the big boys just yet. Neo is still calling for his mama, but Lady took about 3.5 minutes to almost completely forget she had a lamb. Every once in a while she’ll look up and realize he’s gone, but she’s not pining at all. It’s quite a blow for Neo.

Neo was Not At All Happy to be in the ram pen by himself, so there was surprisingly little fuss when Liam entered the field. No head-bashing or fighting at all, not even from Duke next door.


“Hi, I’m Liam. Have you seen my mama?”

“No, I haven’t. I’m Neo, and I’ve been calling and calling my mama but she’s ignoring me!”


“That’s ShepherdPerson. Sometimes she’s nice and hands out crunchies, but today she was mean and made me come down here by myself.”

“What are crunchies?”


“I’m not sure you should talk to them, that BigHornSheep can be pretty cranky…”

Duke behaved very nicely with the new guy. Curious, but not aggressive. Things might have been different if they were both in the same field, but the next door arrangement seems to be working well.


“Come on Liam, let me show you around… away from the CrankyBigSheep.”

“OK! The grass here is tasty. I think this is a good place.”

Liam seems like a very good-natured little guy who wants to be friends with everybody. I think he and Neo should be good friends.


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