He’s In The Jailhouse Now

Neo is a bully.

Neo is a thug.

Neo can’t play with the girls anymore because he beat Duchess up.

Neo is locked up until his new buddy gets here and he can go to the ram pen.


“My dad’s the world champion jailbreaker, I gotta get him to teach me some tricks.”

Lady is locked up too because Neo is a mama’s boy who had a hysterical meltdown and started hurling himself against the walls when he was by himself. And because she helped beat Duchess up.


“She was hitting my little boy!”

Pretty sure he deserved it.


“Her little boy is a spoiled brat. Good riddance.”

I don’t normally interfere when the sheep are fighting. They have to sort their pecking order out themselves, and butting is how they do it. Duchess is at the bottom of the female pecking order, so she does get more than her fair share of knocks, but when two sheep gang up on one it can be dangerous, especially since Duchess is polled (hornless). So in this case I had to break it up and separate them before Duchess got hurt.

Lady and Duchess have always been good friends, so once Neo moves out and Lady doesn’t have to ‘defend’ him anymore I think she and Duchess will be fine. Neo will be fine too, once he gets someone his own size to spar with and doesn’t have his mama rushing to the rescue every time he starts a fight.

In the background of that photo it seems Nova is pulling the hay feeder off the wall again. I just got that fixed, Nova!


Wonder where she learned that trick? She is indeed a Little Princess.

 Poor Duchess is wondering how she came to be surrounded by all these crazy sheep with their crazy spoiled offspring.


Princess: “Nova isn’t spoiled, she’s My Baby!”

Duchess: “Ugh, that’s it. I’m out of here.”


4 thoughts on “He’s In The Jailhouse Now

  1. How big is Neo now? Liam is at about 50lb, though he looks even bigger with all his fluffy wool. He may be shorter than Neo though- those Soays are so leggy! Soon Neo will have the perfect rough housing companion, and someone to bond with once they are both terribly, horribly ripped from their mother’s sides by the evil shepherds/

    • I don’t know if he’s quite 50lb, but he’s a pretty big boy. Nova was 30-ish pounds when I took her to the vet two weeks ago, and he’s much heavier than she is. The adult ewes are 50-something pounds, so he might be close to that. He desperately needs someone to roughhouse with! And bond with over the terrible horrible separation from their mamas. 🙂

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