Jungle Sheep

I put the boys in the old horse pen so Neo and the new guy, Liam, can stay in the ram pen. That pen hasn’t been mowed in… I don’t even know how long. I’m thinking it’s a matter of months, not weeks. The weeds in the corners are taller than I am. Some sheep might be put off by this, but Soay tend to be browsers rather than grazers, so Duke’s in heaven. Barney tends to eat anything green that doesn’t run away, so he’s in heaven, too.


“This is awesome! I always wanted to be a JungleSheep!”


*Tarzan yell*

Actually, that’s the flehmen response, but it’s more fun to pretend it’s a Tarzan yell.

There is something noteworthy in those pictures, especially the top one: Barney is de-fluffed. I sheared him today. I told him he had way too much gray in his fleece for only being 18 months old. He told me sharing a pasture with Duke is ageing him prematurely. He got very mad at me because I sheared him, and he hates being sheared.

Duke got mad at me because I didn’t shear him, and he loves being sheared. I am not kidding. He knew Barney was getting a haircut and behaved very violently towards the fence because I didn’t give him a haircut, too.

The girls weren’t sure what I was doing over in the ram pen, but they got mad at me anyway because I should have been over in the ewe pen feeding them crunchies.

Watcher got mad at me because I stayed behind the OuchyZappyFence for three whole hours and he almost died from not playing enough.


“You may be neglecting me horribly, but I’m still a collie so I’ll sit here and stare at you and make sure you don’t get bushwhacked by any monsters.”

Not that he would try to make me feel guilty or anything.


As far as I can tell, Sandy never woke up long enough to notice I was gone. So I guess that makes one person around here who’s not mad at me. Since Sandy usually is mad at me because he’s a grumpy old man, this is everything turned around.


6 thoughts on “Jungle Sheep

    • Hahah, you probably have! Rams usually make this face when they’re checking to see if a ewe is in heat, but there are no ewes near that pen, so I’m not sure what he was checking out. Smelling the flowers, maybe. 🙂

    • It doesn’t bother them. If they get the oil on themselves and then I pet them and get it on my hands I might react to it, but sheep aren’t allergic to poison ivy.

      • Ouch… I’m covered in insect bites from shearing Barney by all of those tall weeds, but no poison ivy thank goodness. I know there is some in the field, but he must not have gotten into it yet when I sheared him.

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