Tour Update

I’m keeping up fairly well with my TdF challenge, despite lots of distractions and scheduling conflicts. Duchess’s fleece is all spun and washed, and I finished the first skein of Lady today.


Duchess. Actually the yarn is a very dark brown/black, my camera for some reason kept bleaching out the color.


Lady. I pushed random buttons on the camera until the colors looked better, so this is fairly accurate.

I also finally got around to washing Barney’s fleece. I had to, because I need the bag it was in. Barney needs to be sheared again as soon as he dries off from the rain. I have a feeling I’m going to be kept pretty busy processing wool between Barney and the new Shetland I’m getting.



Speaking of which, the new little Shetland guy should be here next week! I’m still making up my mind whether to put him in with the girls or put him and Neo off together by themselves so they can bash each other silly without bothering everyone else. Neo really needs to get his big self weaned and some manners knocked into him.

All this wool stuff going on in the house is driving Watcher crazy.  He’s quite put out that I won’t let him eat play with all those wonderful clouds of brown wool spread out for the taking.


“I’m not speaking to you. You’re a mean mommy who won’t let me have any fun. I’m just going to sit here and sigh dramatically every few minutes.”

Between the puppy and the lambs there are way too many adolescents around here. The angst in the air is almost palpable.


4 thoughts on “Tour Update

  1. The adolescent angst isn’t going to get any better next week when Liam joins the flock. I separated him from his momma briefly over the weekend to trim his hooves and give him a vaccination shot and just that brief separation made him cry like a baby until he was reunited with Francine. He is not going to be a happy camper when he finds himself far away from his family flock and introduced to strangers. But after a few days he will get used to his new home and start making new friends and adjusting. But prepare for a lot of crying first!

    • I expected that, that’s another reason I was thinking about putting him with Neo. In a separate pen. They can both get their crying over with at once, and the ewes won’t be able to pick on Liam. Lady especially can be pretty aggressive towards anyone who butts at Neo, and he needs to be taken down a peg. 🙂

    • He is pitiful, he’s a total drama king. 🙂
      It’d be nice to have some good pictures, I don’t think I have the manual for my camera and I have don’t really know how the settings work. I just push buttons until it looks vaguely how I want, haha. You could come see the new guy, too!

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