And Just What Do You Think You’re Doing?

I put the sheep up very early today, because I had to go out and wasn’t sure I’d be back before dark. It’s about 10,000 degrees outside, and after spending three hours standing around in the heat I was feeling very sick by the time I got home.

Oh well, I thought. At least I don’t have to go put the sheep up. 

I had just gotten out of the car when I heard Princess yelling. And Barney. And one of the softer voices that could be either Duchess or Lady. Sighing, I walked around the house to see what was up. Or rather, who was out.


“Oh, ShepherdPerson! I um… wasn’t expecting you home so soon! I can explain… I think…”

Duchess has once again escaped, then found herself unable to get back in.


“Maybe I can chew my way in?”

Princess was loudly protesting the unfairness of Duchess getting to be out while she herself was stuck in the pen. Once I got out there however, Princess began to see the potential advantages of the situation.


“Hey Mom, let’s leave her out there until after I– I mean we– eat all the crunchies.”

Now Princess, that’s not very nice.

I let Duchess back in, and she was very relieved. About a minute later she was trying to get out again. I sat with them for a while, happy to be in the shade. Princess was still fixated on crunchies.


“Here, Mom. This is the pocket with the crunchies. You’re supposed to feed them to me.”

I’m not a selfie person, but I have become rather good at aiming the camera back towards myself in order to take pictures of Princess. When she’s very close that’s the only way to photograph more than just her nose and one eye.


“Us, too! We want some crunchies, too!”

I’m starting to have the same problem with taking Neo’s picture, but fortunately he isn’t brave enough to crowd Princess yet.

The crunchies being fairly distributed (according to my idea of fair, not Princess’s), it was bedtime.


“I don’t think it’s bedtime. I think it’s go-graze-some-more-time.”

It was not go-graze-some-more-time. It was bedtime. I was desperate to get back to the wonderful air conditioning, and given a certain level of desperation I can be even more stubborn than Her Royal Woolliness. I’m probably going to have a lovely bruise on my shin tomorrow from that particular argument.


2 thoughts on “And Just What Do You Think You’re Doing?

    • I have no idea. She was trying to squeeze through the bars of the gate after I got her back in, but she couldn’t fit. Maybe she climbed over? I don’t know and she’s not talking. 🙂

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