Scheming for Skeins


The first skein of Duchess yarn is plied and washed! Parts of it are a tad underplied, but it’s not falling apart so I’m calling it good. I used the porch railing as a backdrop because I wanted the sunlight to help bring out the detail in the dark yarn. Unfortunately that choice of backdrop led to some unfortunate action shots…


…such as this one. I pressed the shutter button out of reflex as I was shoved out of the way and caught the Masked Puppy Bandit in the act of skein-napping. I have no idea why he goes so crazy over anything made of wool. A dog of his illustrious pedigree, he should be ashamed of himself for sinking so low.



He looks exactly as ashamed as he feels. Note that some of the slats on the chair in the background have been chewed off. He’s not ashamed of that, either. I should have known better than to trust a puppy wearing a mask! No one good ever wears a black mask except the Lone Ranger… and Zorro… and Batman… ok, maybe a few good guys wear black masks.


“Any other yummy woolly goodies up here?”

I’m not so convinced Watcher is one of them, though.


3 thoughts on “Scheming for Skeins

  1. I have a rough tri-color collie. He is always very interested when I bring new fleece home. I primarily work with alpaca and he loves to try to crawl into the bag and fall asleep. Cute, and not really a problem for me. Wool, however he eats. As much as he can get a hold on. Don’t know why. Maybe collies just love wool? Fortunately, I have been able to train him not to touch yarn. Good luck with your handsome guy.

    • Really? I wondered if it was a collie thing. Hopefully I’ll be able to train him to stop. He knows the command “leave it”, he just doesn’t think it applies to wool. 🙂

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