2014 Tour de Fleece

I finally bought a spinning wheel last week, a very nice Ashford Traditional. I enjoy my drop spindles, but they’re slower and harder on my hands than a wheel.


I’m using it to spin for the Tour de Fleece, a spinning challenge that runs the same days as the Tour de France.


I’m spinning Duchess and Lady for the Tour, which should be a realistic goal as long as I’m careful not to overdo it and hurt myself. There are 61 rolags (the little wool donuts) in Duchess’s fleece, and 103 in Lady’s. I have no idea why Lady’s fleece was so much larger than Duchess’s, seems like it should have been the other way around since Duchess didn’t have a lamb sapping her nutrients.


This is a day and half’s worth of spinning; 10 Duchess donuts so far.

The wire orifice hook that came with the wheel was perfectly functional, but old and tarnished and not very pretty. I work with wire too much to be able to stand an unattractive piece of wirework, and I got tired of cringing every time I looked at it, so I made myself a new one. The one I made is fancier than strictly necessary, but it works, it’s pretty, and it makes me happy.


The best thing about learning lots of different crafting skills is that “lightbulb” moment when I need something and realize I can make one for myself that’s as nice or nicer than what I could buy.





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