Moving Day

Sometimes I tell myself I’m in charge of what goes on around here. Then I laugh. Nothing like a good joke.

The sheep decided it was time to move back to the first field today. It was less hassle to just let them have their way than to stop Neo from knocking the netting down, or persuading Lady to stop jumping the fence like it wasn’t there.


“Finally! It would be so much less trouble if you’d quit acting like you’re the boss! My mama’s the boss, everybody knows that. I’m the boss’s daughter. That means I’m like the boss, only littler.”

I did manage to get Nova’s medicine into her this morning, over the protests of both her and her mama. That helped boost my ego a little bit.

Despite being the main agitators for change, when I gave in and let the sheep into the first field Lady and Neo decided it’s actually much too hot out there for grazing. Neo’s favorite spot to sleep has always been the exact spot where he was born. Preferably snuggled up with his mama. Obviously Lady’s baby boy is much too small to sleep by himself!


Yes. Definitely much too small. Don’t mind the broken hay rack, I’ll get around to fixing that. Sometime.

I imagine they like the lambing suite better because it keeps them out of the way of the perpetual power struggle in the main Clubhouse.


“Nova! Come out here, it’s time to go graze!”


“Look, Nova! A whole new field to graze! There’s no time to lay around and sleep!”

“But Maaamaaa, Neo gets to lay around and sleep, why don’t I? It’s not fair! I’m going back in with Auntie Duchess!”



“I swear this child is going to turn me gray. She obviously inherited that stubborn streak from her father. I know I was never this much trouble when I was a lamb!”

Only when you were awake, dear one. I feel like Princess’s expression in that picture is the one on my face 90% of the time, between the sheep and the puppy.


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