Nova’s Big Adventure

When Nova was about two weeks old, she cut her cheek right by her mouth, I assume on the thorn tree she likes to chew. I kept a close eye on the cut, but it seemed to heal up just fine, even if the scar was a little puckered. Then yesterday when I was putting the sheep up, I check her mouth and the whole side of her face is swollen, there’s a lump as big as a golf ball by her mouth and it’s bright red and black and angry looking. The vet’s office was already closed, so I had to wait until morning. Not a fun night at all.

This morning it didn’t look quite as grotesquely swollen, but it was still pretty bad, so I called the vet as soon as they opened. Turns out they’re short handed today, so if I wanted her looked at I had to bring her in. Lots of scrambling to find a vehicle the crate would fit in, a crying Princess, a crying Nova, an irritable worried shepherd… not a fun morning at all.

The vet said that the cut had abscessed, but that the abscess had burst and was draining well. She’s going to get some medicine for a few days, just to make sure. Nova yelled a lot and wet the examination table just to make sure everyone knew she was Unhappy about the whole thing.

Princess had stopped crying by the time we got home, but the minute the car door opened and she heard Nova bleating, she came flying to the rescue and both of them raised a deafening racket until I could release Nova from the crate and open the gate. Princess shuffled Nova off to the field as quickly as possible, with Nova complaining the whole way about me hauling her off and letting strange people push her around and poke her with needles and it was just terrible.  I have the distinct impression that my approval rating has just gone down again.


“Usually I want to be all grown up and independent, but today I think I just want to be little and graze near my mama.

Nova was not at all impressed by what she saw of the World Beyond the Farm, but Neo is still eager to (literally) push his boundaries.



“I’m not technically out of the fence, I’m not even really through it. I’m just sort of… pushing the bottom over to where I want it! You never said I wasn’t allowed to do that!”

No, I suppose I didn’t. I need to figure out a way to hook that part of the netting into the electric.


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