Odd Neighbors


“Guys? There are some awfully big sheep over there…”

“Hey, look at those guys! Those are the tiniest cows I’ve ever seen in my life!”

The sheep aren’t quite sure what to make of the cows, and the cows aren’t quite sure what to make of the sheep. It’s a bit like a meeting of the Lilliputians and the giants (I can never remember what they’re called) in Gulliver’s Travels. They’ve mostly settled on pretending to ignore each other while throwing nervous glances over their shoulders every few minutes.

Watcher feels that his warnings about the sheep being dangerous have finally been proven right. They were only the advance guard for these gigantic monster sheep. So far his thunderous barking (and the fence) have managed to keep the monster sheep at bay.


“Don’t you come any closer! You hear me?! This is my yard, and  you better not step across this line or I’ll– I’ll– I’ll do something! I’ll go get my humans! I’ll bark you into oblivion! Get back! I’m warning you!”

“This must be that annoying LoudBarkyThing those tiny cows in the other field were talking about… Doesn’t he ever get tired, running back and forth like that?”

I have a feeling it will be hard to convince Watcher that the “no barking at livestock” rule applies to cows.


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