Watcher’s Water

Every time Watcher gets a drink, he spills an unrealistic amount of water all over the place. He used to have both an inside water bowl and an outside bowl, but the inside bowl didn’t last long. We didn’t want the wood floors swelling from being constantly waterlogged.


Sometimes I wonder if anything he drinks actually ends up going down his throat.


“Mooom, there’s a puddle all around my water bowl! How am I supposed to get a drink without getting my paws wet?”

I suppose he must manage to swallow some of it, since he hasn’t managed to dehydrate himself yet. Which is saying something, since he’s recently discovered he has an interest in gardening. Specifically, pulling weeds (and eating them) and “watering” the bushes.



“I can’t come in now, Mom, I haven’t finished inspecting my plants!”

It’s a very pleasant change from his last hobby of sheep-chasing. He knows he’s not supposed to bark at the sheep, so he sits and watches them from the porch and makes strangled little whuffing noises under his breath. The sheep are none the wiser, so I let him think he’s getting away with something. I suppose it would be impossible to completely squelch the herding drive out of a collie.


4 thoughts on “Watcher’s Water

  1. Our collie cross had similar problems with drinking out of a water bowl. We got him a raised bowl and he did much better. Might help.

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