Her Royal Woolliness II

Today Nova is exactly the same age that Princess was the day she arrived here.


“I claim this Clubhouse in the name  of me!”

It’s never occurred to Nova that the Clubhouse needed to be claimed. She was born here, so as far as she’s concerned the Clubhouse has always belonged to her and her mama.


“Of course this is our Clubhouse! That’s just the Way Things Are!”

Princess is increasingly unsure about the “our” bit. She’s not sure she ever agreed to share the boss position with Nova. I think she’s just going to have to get used to it.


Nova’s horns are much longer and thicker than Princess’s were, and the keratin sheath is smoother. My main theory is that it’s because she’s had much better nutrition. My other theory is that there’s magic horn-growing fairy dust in our soil. She might also be larger than the girls were when I bought them, but it could be my memory playing tricks on me. The only adult I had to compare the girls to was Duke, so that may have made them seem smaller than they actually were.


“I have big horns, too! Mine are the biggest! Can I have crunchies?”

Neo does have very big horns, but I don’t know what Duke’s horns looked like at his age, so I have nothing to compare them to. Since Lady’s scur has already started growing back, I’m starting to favor the magic horn-growing fairy dust theory.


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