It’s Still Hot.

I don’t know what it is that makes Princess and Nova so resistant to heat. It can’t be just light coloring, since Lady and Neo are much lighter than Princess and  Nova is almost as dark as Duchess. It also can’t be just their horns, since Neo’s horns are fairly large and he doesn’t like the sun at all.


“What are you eating, Mama? Can I have some of that?”

Whatever it is that keeps them cool, it works. Princess and Nova stay out munching away while everyone else is camped out in the shade.


“Don’t expect us to move for anything short of crunchies.”

Well, almost everyone. Duke’s not feeling generous today, so poor Barney can only get his nose in the shade. He could go nap under the tree, but it makes him nervous to have Duke out of sight for too long.


“I don’t want to be by myself, but the things I have to put up with around here; it’s Just. Not. Fair.”

My goodness. Is there really a sheep in that woolly lump?


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