It’s Hot

It was cloudy when I went out to put the sheep in for the night last night. It started sprinkling when I was about halfway to the Clubhouse. Precisely as I shut the gate, it started pouring rain with the wind blowing so hard from the wrong direction that I was afraid the Clubhouse would blow right over, anchors and all. The sheep were all crowding into the back corner with their heads tucked in, trying to use each other as shields against the blowing rain. I sprinted back to the house, absolutely soaked to the skin. By the time I’d put on dry clothes, I looked out the window and the wind and rain had completely stopped. I make it a point never to complain about rain or warm weather, but I think hot weather combined with just enough five minute downpours to keep it humid is unsporting.



“Why couldn’t I be a blonde?”

Poor Duchess stays under there pretty much full time, unless it’s been knocked over. Duke usually grazes under the trees where it’s shady, but today he disappeared into his house as soon as the sun came out and hasn’t been seen since. 



“I like storms; they blow lots of yummy leaves down where I can reach them!”

I’m surprised how well Barnabus is handling the heat, I would think he’d be dying in that big fleece. I think he may be a sheep that needs shearing twice a year, at the rate his wool is growing he won’t be able to walk by next spring.



“I think maybe crunchies are good for growing wool. And I’m sure they help with heat tolerance. Maybe you should give me lots while Duke’s hiding in the Clubhouse and can’t take them all?”

Hmm, I’m not sure about the validity of that theory, but wool is supposedly a very good insulator against both heat and cold, so maybe his heavy fleece is actually helping? He hasn’t shown any signs of heat stress yet, but I’m keeping a close eye on him. The minute it looks like he’s distressed I’ll shear it off. Leaving a bit on him for insulation might make the undercoat too short to spin, but I’m much more concerned about his well-being than his fleece quality. 



Duchess, on the other hand, I can’t do much to help. I make sure they have plenty of water, and I’ve been letting them out earlier and putting them up later so they can take advantage of the cooler parts of the day; that’s about all I can do.



Watcher seems prepared to spend the whole summer sleeping on his back in the air conditioning, letting the ceiling fan blow on his belly. Seems like as good a solution as any to me.


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