Pretty Princess

Lady and Duchess have both finished shedding completely, but Princess is still hanging on to part of her old fleece. I work on tugging it free bit by bit in the mornings before I let them out, until Princess’s frustration reaches critical levels. You don’t know the meaning of the phrase “hopping mad” until you’ve seen a sheep have a temper tantrum, jumping around in circles and shaking her head wildly.


“If I can just get this loose…”

Yes, she is trying to pull the gate chain free. There’s still quite a bit of old wool hanging onto the back of her neck and her rear end, and a little bit on her belly, but her sleek new coat is looking pretty good! Soay are so beautiful when they’re freshly shed clean; I’m ready for everyone to be done with the raggedy look for the summer.


“Enough with the pictures and the wool-tugging! Are you going to let us out today or not?!”

Yes ma’am, right away ma’am!


“It’s about time!”

And off they go, following their Fearless Leader out to pasture.



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