Shabby Shade Shelter

The shelter fell over again yesterday evening. Not Neo’s fault this time, there was a small storm and it blew over. Duchess with her dark wool was convinced she would melt if she didn’t find some shade. Neo thought it was more fun to play on upside down.


“Um, ShepherdPerson? I think something’s wrong with this. I think this bumpy stuff is supposed to go on top.”


“And I think this flappy part is supposed to be on the bottom.”


“And now there’s only this teeny-tiny shady spot behind here! Can you fix it please?”


The audience was spellbound. Anything I do out in the field requires minute supervision, just to make sure I don’t mess anything up, or drop crunchies or something. On an unrelated note, I think every single gene Duke carries must be recessive, because aside from Nova’s coloring both lambs look scarily like their mamas.

Anyway, after I go through all the trouble of flipping the shelter back upright, they decide they don’t actually need shade right that minute after all, and go back to being the five sheeppower grazing machine. I suppose they just couldn’t relax when something wasn’t Where It Goes. For how often they break things, they get surprisingly upset by anything being out of place.


“Whew! Crisis averted, now everything’s back the way it should be.”


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