(Temporarily) Foiled


“Hmm, I think it’s about time I go see what the girls are up to.”


“Hey! Where’s my gap? I deliberately bashed this panel free, why’d you have to go and fix it??”

“Don’t be sad, Duke. The corner post may be fixed, but there’s still enough room to squeeze between this post and the fence!!”


“See? It’s fun! Whee!”

“Going around that post does me no good at all, genius!”


“Well fine, you stand there and mope then. I’m going to go see what ShepherdPerson is doing. Excuse me for trying to make you feel better.”

Duke’s not too happy with me now, but Neo and Lady have forgiven me enough to take crunchies from me again. Magnificently generous of them, to let me feed them treats.

Unfortunately for them, while they were holding out Nova decided she liked being the only one to get crunchies while her mama wasn’t looking, so getting crunchies may not be as easy for them as it used to be.

Her Royal Woolliness Jr has learned Princess’s trick of keeping her face turned towards me and angling the back of her head (and her horn tips) towards whoever tries to come up beside her. There was one entertaining night where Nova and Princess were both trying that trick on each other at the same time. It was a very one-sided contest. Nova’s close enough to weaning age that Princess’s motherly patience is running thin, and Nova’s horns aren’t big enough to actually make an impact on Princess.


“Not yet, but they’ll grow!”

Princess is starting to think that motherhood is seriously overrated.


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