Lazy Day

It’s too hot for little lambies to run around and play. Neo still isn’t feeling up to much running around anyway. Both of them spent a lot of time today laying in a patch of dirt under the tree fast sleep.


“Crunchies?” (Well, maybe not fast asleep.)

No, Neo. No crunchies until bedtime. I’m just taking pictures.


“Okay. I’m going to go back to sleep, then.”
Princess had a hard time getting everyone to stay out in the field today. They kept running back to the shady Clubhouse, with her chasing behind them yelling “Come back Right Now; I didn’t give you permission to leave!” Finally she gave up and she and Nova grazed by themselves.
“Umm, Mama? We walked all the way out here, but nobody’s following. Should we go back?”
“Nonsense! I’m not giving up my grazing time just because they’re too lazy to deal with a bit of sun.”

Princess has always been more heat tolerant than the others, and Nova seems to be as well. I assume it’s because they have full horns, and horns radiate heat. I’m not sure how much benefit Lady gets from her scurs, since they’re hollow and don’t have a lot of blood flowing through them.


4 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. How did you castrate Neo? We banded our boys and they barely seemed to notice- within a few hours they were bouncing around like usual. We did give them a bit of baby aspirin (ground up in water and mixed with honey) before hand, so that may have helped.

    • That’s been my experience with banding, too, and it’s definitely how I’m going to castrate in the future. Neo was castrated surgically by the vet, and it’s been a nightmare. I was afraid he wasn’t going to make it for a day or two, and even though he seems to be out of danger now, he’s definitely still pretty miserable. At what age did you band your boys?

      • How scary!! Our boys were about 2 months old when we banded them. Next year we will do it a bit earlier– as it was it was very difficult to get the tool around their balls– they are surprisingly large (and wooly!) We weighed them and gave them their CDT vaccines at the same time. They are already about 30lb– such big boys! Not that anyone told them– they still think they are small enough to be nursing…for now. I don’t think the mommas are going to put up with it much longer. I think the goats, who are several weeks old, finally stopped nursing a few days ago– since I milk their momma I can tell a difference in her milk production.

      • There are Soay farms that band at 8-14 weeks, but I don’t know how they manage that. At 9 weeks I’m pretty sure Neo was too big, which was why I got the vet to do it. I thought they’d use a burdizzo, I didn’t know they’d do it surgically until it was too late. :-/
        My sheep mamas are getting pretty tired of their lambs, too. They’re not letting them nurse as much and it looks like their udders are starting to dry up.

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