What did I do on my birthday? Um…

I am quite possibly the only person on earth who could schedule a ram lamb to be wethered on her birthday without realizing it. I’d planned to wait until he was a little bit older, but he has enough attitude at two months I didn’t want to take a chance on it escalating. His horns aren’t as long as I would have liked, but they have curved back enough that I don’t think he’ll impale anyone on the points. The smaller horns may even be a good thing when he’s with the ewes; Barney’s horns are big enough that it makes me nervous when he and the ewes head-butt each other. Nevertheless, the timing was a bit… awkward.


“See if I send YOU a birthday card, BadShepherdPerson!”


“Forget the card, Duchess and I will throw you a party! He was getting to be a big pest.”

Even though she’s a different color, Nova’s face looks so much like her mama it’s uncanny.



“It’s about time! Last thing we need is a little upstart squirt poaching my girlfriends!”

Hmm… I guess now would be a bad time to mention the Shetland ram lamb that’s coming in late July…

The current Plan (subject to change without notice– at least thrice daily) is that the new guy will hang out with Princess and Nova this fall, while Duchess and Lady will visit Duke, since neither of them have had purebred daughters yet. Next year I’ll have to find a new Soay ram for Nova and the girl lambs which are most definitely the only kind that are going to be born next spring. Right Duke? Remember, we talked about this?



“I make no promises.”


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