Another Crazy Day

Last night marked the second full night of the Doggy Diarrhea Marathon, so today Watcher had to go to the vet. Watcher has a hate-hate relationship with the car, so it was a stressful ride. He also has a hate-hate relationship with thermometers, so it took three people just to take his temperature. He wailed his misery through the whole visit, then refused to get in the car to come home. The only good part as far as he was concerned was that the vet prescribed antibiotics, which means he gets yummy stuff to eat with his pills.

In sheepy news, I spun up small samples of Lady’s and Princess’s wool a couple of days ago. I apologize if the picture looks wonky, I was trying to take pictures with one hand while pushing a nearly frantic puppy away with the other. Whatever may be going on in his intestines, it hasn’t affected his appetite for wool.


Left-Duchess, Center-Lady, Right, Princess

The sun-bleached tips of each lock of Lady’s fleece had felted together, so the wool came out with tan lumps in it. I was disappointed by that when I was carding it, but when spun the tan lumps give the yarn a heathered look that I really like. It’s more kempy than Duchess’s fleece, but the yarn is beautiful anyway.

Princess… oh her sweet Royal Woolliness. I read once about medieval monks who wore habits made from scratchy wool on purpose because they thought it would make them more holy. I think a monk who wore a habit made from Princess’s wool would have been instantly elevated to sainthood. There’s practically no actual wool it; just prickly guard hairs and varying levels of kemp. I wasn’t being particularly choosy when I grabbed a handful of her fleece to spin, so it’s possible there are better bits in there. If so, it’s probably not much.

Between this mess and Duke’s magic ability to felt his entire fleece while still wearing it I don’t have much hope for Nova’s wool. Oh well. She may not have inherited good wool, but she’s definitely inherited a lot of attitude!


She also seems to have inherited her parents’ horn size. I’m pretty sure her horns are as big at 9 weeks as her mama’s were at 3 months!


Princess age 3 months

I hope her horns continue to grow like her mama’s, Princess has a great set of horns, both in size and shape.


“And I use them, too!”


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