Playing in the Clubhouse


“Princess may be queen of the flock, but I’m queen of the upside-down YummyGrainTray!”


“Ahem. I think you mean I’M queen of the YummyGrainTray.”


“Told ya so!”

Look at that face. She knows she’s awesome.

Unlike his precocious half-sister, Neo’s not crazy about either hay or grain pellets yet. He makes up for it by being a crunchie-monster.


“ShepherdPerson? I was just wondering…


“Doyouhaveanycrunchiesforme?? Pleeeease??? I’m staaarving!”

I think he’s worried we’re going to run out of crunchies again. I was roundly scolded by everyone for not having any crunchies several days in a row before I could get to the store and buy more.


Princess’s favorite sleeping place is right under the hay rack, which is just wonderful for keeping her wool clean but it does have its advantages. It’s a very sheltered spot from wind and rain, she can easily block anyone else from eating her hay, and if she gets hungry during the night she can grab a midnight snack without getting out of bed.


“You stay right over there, Duchess. This is my hay rack, and I’m not sharing!”

Like daughter, like mother. Poor Duchess doesn’t get a break.

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