The Flock Gets Fleeced

The girls all got rooed/sheared today. They seem relieved to be rid of their wool, even though none of their fleeces were close to the size of Barney’s.



The flock coming up in their usual marching order to beg for crunchies show off their haircuts.



Princess’s haircut looks pretty rough for three reasons, 1) Her wool isn’t evenly colored next to the skin; she has dark patches that didn’t show on the sunbleached tips, 2) She didn’t roo completely, so about half of her fleece was rooed and half of it had to be sheared and 3) She turned into Kung Fu Sheep when we put a halter on her, and those horns are scary when you’re bending over her back. There’s quite a bit of her britch area that didn’t get sheared, but it was mostly hair and we were tired of wrestling her so it’ll just have to fall out on its own.



Lady squirmed a lot at first, but once she figured out she couldn’t get away she calmed down. Actually, I think she almost went to sleep on us. Her fleece was the softest and the longest staple, and we didn’t have to cut any of her fleece. I was surprised at the amount of gray in her wool; it’s more of a mousey color instead of the reddish tan color I was expecting. It’s still pretty, though.



Duchess had a brief bad spot when the rope halter slipped too far down her nose and cut off her air, but after that was straightened out she was fairly calm. Her fleece was hanging on tighter than Lady’s. Most of her wool came free, but the guard hair that stayed behind was so long and thick we went ahead and sheared it off once we had collected the wool. Her fleece was only about half the size of the other girls’ for some reason, but it’s somewhere between Lady’s and Princess’s in softness. It’s hard to tell her apart from Nova at a distance, since Duchess looks so much smaller and Nova’s getting so much bigger.

Now I have five grocery bags of wool in the basement to go with Barney’s big fleece that I still haven’t finished sorting through. That should be enough to keep me busy for a while!


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