Rare Behaviors!

I love watching rare animal documentaries. Not only is it amazing to see the animals in their own habitat, but also it’s always entertaining to listen to the narrators. Every time the snow leopard licks its paw, or the rare monkey eats a fruit, they get all excited and tell you how rare it is to catch this behavior on film, thus implying that whatever the animal did is unusual. This despite having said at the beginning that it’s rare to catch this animal on film period, so by definition anything the animal did would be rarely filmed.

I have enough footage of these animals, however, to know that I have photographed very unusual behavior this morning.


Barney is lying inside the Clubhouse, while Duke is lying outside. This… doesn’t happen. Barney can only sneak into the Clubhouse if Duke is off doing something else and doesn’t notice. For whatever reason, Duke seems OK with it this morning.

Of course, given the rare opportunity to have the Clubhouse to himself, Barney chooses to lay in the muddiest, soupiest corner where he can be sure to get as much goop as possible in his wool. If I ever get around to washing his fleece, I will not be a bit surprised if the wool turns out not to be brown at all, just a very muddy white.

He certainly has plenty of muddy spots to choose from today. Thanks to yesterday’s storm, quite a bit of the field has been temporarily turned to marshland.


I love the rain; I don’t want a drought, but the sheep (other than Barney) aren’t too crazy about the mud. Why is the sheep with the best fleece in the flock the one who likes to wallow in mud?


“Eeeww! my feet are all muddy! Yucky!”

That’s right Nova, sheep should stay out of the mud as much as possible. Don’t be like Barney. Mud wallows are for pigs and elephants, not sheep.


Princess picked up a souvenir from one of the trees. She tried to reach around and eat it, but couldn’t quite reach. It’s not really relevant to the rest of this post, but I thought it was funny.


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