The Way to a Lamb’s Heart…

…is through his stomach.


“Hey, do you by any chance have any more of those crunchies you were handing out yesterday?”

Oh look. He knows the moochie face. That didn’t take long.


“Oh, yummy! munchmunchmunch!”

Oh look, the moochie face worked. That didn’t take long, either. Being a baby, he gets a little confused and tries to suck on my fingers after he eats the crunchy treat.

If Neo was going to stay intact, I wouldn’t allow him to eat from my hand. It’s dangerous for a ram to be too tame. Duke rarely gets any grain, and if he does I only give it to him in a bucket or tray. But since Neo’s going to be a wethered pasture pet, it’s nice that he isn’t as wild as his mother. Hopefully working with him won’t involve someone having to knock him down and sit on him like a tiny bronco, the way the vet’s assistant had to do with Lady.

Thanks to the party we had yesterday, there are only a handful of crunchies left in the bag. Disaster! I’ll have to stop by the store and pick up another box of Chex. Just the regular kind, not the cinnamon or vanilla or other flavored kinds. They might choose to munch on thistle plants in a field full of easier things to eat, but they’re very picky about their crunchies.


3 thoughts on “The Way to a Lamb’s Heart…

    • It’s a good way to make woolly friends! The only downside is that the cereal tends to crumble in your pocket more than whole corn does. The girls like corn and Chex about the same, but the lambs don’t like corn. I don’t think their teeth can handle it yet.

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