Objects in Pictures may be Smaller than they Appear

Almost every time I show someone pictures of my sheep (which is often) the person says something along the lines of “Wow, they’re big, aren’t they?” When I say that no, actually they’re about knee high, most of the time I can tell by the person’s expression that they don’t believe me. Not sure why people think I could be mistaken about the size of my own sheep, but never mind.

My personal theory is that the perspective in most of my pictures makes the sheep look bigger than they are. I think people usually assume pictures are being taken from eye level, but eye level pictures of my sheep end up looking like this:


“Hmm, are your rubber boots yummy?”

I like face shots better than top-of-the-head shots, so I usually take pictures while crouching down:


“Thith thtick ith yummy!”

When the lambs were newborns, I even took a few laying flat on the ground:


“Hey ShepherdPerson, did you know there’s another LittleSheep here now? He showed up last night! I’m cuter.”

Of course, if you spend any amount of time laying flat on your stomach in a pasture, someone’s going to come investigate:


“Um, what are you doing, SillyShepherdPerson? Does it involve crunchies?”

I don’t have many pictures of myself with the sheep, and I generally don’t like pictures of myself anyway, but for the sake of establishing scale, here’s a shot of me feeding Princess crunchies a few days after Nova was born:


Oh look at that, she’s about knee high! Who would have guessed she was so small?


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