This is why I don’t go out

I left for two hours yesterday. Two measly little hours. When I got back I learned that Watcher had ruined a(nother) skein of wool yarn, and Lady had strangled almost to death in the fence. Fortunately Neo cried, which made Watcher bark, which alerted my dad that something was wrong in time to get her out.


She left quite a bit of her neck wool behind, but other than that she seems none the worse. Maybe she’ll impress upon her offspring that he should stop trying to crawl through the fence, but I doubt it. He never listens to her.


“If you’d just let me chase that ram around, I wouldn’t have to get into so much trouble to entertain myself!”

Watcher is totally unrepentant for having murdered my defenseless skein of yarn. Fortunately I managed to splice enough pieces together to finish the last few rows on the mitts I was making with about two yards left. I mentioned to him that the extra two yards are about the perfect length for puppy-strangling. Maybe it will impress upon him that he should stop eating my knitting, but I doubt it. He never listens to me.

I think Lady and I need to get a book on How to Handle Spoiled Baby Boys.


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