When Lady was a lamb, I didn’t think her scurs would be an issue. They were small, malformed, and she’d snapped the left one off herself with no problems.

When Lady lambed about a month ago, I noticed the right scur was curling back around towards her eye. There was about an inch and a half of clearance, but I decided I’d need to have it trimmed later this summer just to be on the safe side.

Last week I casually glanced at Lady’s scur to see if it’d grown, then did a double-take. The scur was almost touching her eye! So today the vet came to take it off. Just a trim, enough length to prevent it from growing into her head and hopefully make it match the other side.

When the vet finally managed to catch and halter Lady, Neo started loudly yelling at the vet for mistreating his mama. Lady thought Neo was in trouble and started bucking and squirming  strenuously. Just when the vet was getting ready to squeeze the cutters against her scur, Lady lunged with her head… and snapped the whole scur off right at the base. The broken-off scur was completely hollow; it didn’t have a core at all. She probably would have snapped it off herself if it hadn’t grown so close against her head. A dash of blood-stop powder and she was free to go, but Lady’s still pretty indignant about the whole thing.


“I knew there was a reason I never liked you, NastyShepherdPerson.”


“Yeah, that wasn’t nice at all! I’m never going to let a vet cut anything off of me!”

Ahem. Yes, well, about that… um… never mind. We’ll talk about that later.


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