Foiled Escape

The lambs are growing so fast! Neo’s more likely to follow Nova than to stay by his mama these days. The pasture is becoming boring. The obvious solution to boredom is to get in trouble. Thus the scheming schemers began scheming up schemes!Image


“Psst, hey Neo! How about we sneak away and go visit Daddy and Barney? That would be a Grand Adventure, and I bet we’d fit through that flimsy netting!”

Alas, the Grand Adventure fell to pieces when it was discovered that the flimsy netting was actually an OuchyZappyFence. I’m pretty sure it was their first encounter with the electric, since I had it turned off when they were very little.

If only Duke could be contained that easily. I’ve pretty much giving up shutting him in the Clubhouse at night. He’s always out ten minutes later.


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