Splendid Games

The boys got a new area to graze yesterday. Princess has been telling me loudly and at length all the reasons that’s not fair.


“Can’t talk. *munch-munch-munch* Must eat!”
The girls got to go into a new section of their existing pasture, which is not as cool as a totally new pasture, but is better than nothing I suppose. It’s totally new to Nova and Neo, and they’re enchanted with a new Splendid Game they can play here: Climb the Log.


“I’m king of Pride Rock–er, Log!”


“I invented the game, obviously I am queen of Pride Log!”


“I’m queen of Pride Log, and that’s all there is to it!”
Princess likes this game much better than its predecessor, Climb on Mom. Now she has more time to complain about the guys getting a new pasture.


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