Little Princess

Nova spent her first day or so with Princess in the Royal Suite before coming out to meet her aunties. She acts so much like her mother that I’m pretty sure I call her “Little Princess” “Mini-Princess” or “Princess 2.0” more often than I call her by her own name.


“Oh look! More BigSheep like Mommy! Mommy feeds me; I bet these BigSheep are here to feed me, too!”

To Nova’s great disappointment, Duchess and Lady continue to refuse to feed her.

A day or so later, Nova got to venture into the far pasture and meet her daddy.


“That’s my daddy? Wow, he’s the biggest BigSheep ever!”


With such obviously impressive parents as the herd queen and the only dominant ram, Nova has concluded that she is without question the coolest kid on the block, and makes sure that everybody knows it. She bounces up to her aunties, butts them repeatedly until they get irritated, then bounces back to mommy with a distinctly triumphant air.


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