Lazy Days


Princess is happy to stay in her favorite nest in the Clubhouse corner. Her belly is very swollen, and her udder is getting larger as well. Hopefully she’ll lamb soon? 

The grass finally ran out in the near side of the pasture, so the girls have moved over into the far end of the field. They were very excited about the “new” territory. The shade structure on that end blew over months ago, and I never bothered to set it up again, since the sheep weren’t in that field to use it and I didn’t have the anchors to stop it from falling over again. They don’t mind; apparently it’s a Splendid Game to climb on it, play in it, and try to tear it up. Who knew such sweet girls could be so destructive?


There’s a new 5’x10′ addition on the Girls’ Clubhouse, in preparation for this year’s new sheep. It still needs the windward side covered, but beyond that it’s ready.




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