Haven’t posted in a while, but a lot has been happening!

Princess turned 1 on March 1st. Happy birthday, girl!


“Thanks Mom. I’m just standing here, by the way. I wasn’t pulling the tarp off the wall or anything. I have no idea how that happened.”

Also, about a week after I gave Barney his Hated Haircut, I got a Hated Haircut of my own, courtesy of a stylist who completely failed to listen to me. I’m considering wearing a bag over my head until it grows back.


“It’s karma, lady. That’s all I’m saying. Kar. Ma.”

Watcher graduated from his puppy obedience class. He still gets up on the counter, chews shoes, and steals ink pens (ink pens!), but he can shake hands like a champ!


“Who wouldn’t want to shake my paws?”

Lambing time is getting very close now! I’m starting to get really nervous!


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