Mission: Find Grass!

The sheep have been telling me for days that I had to open the gate and let them into the field or they would die. I told them it was all icy and they wouldn’t find any grass, but they kept insisting that they really really wanted out. Today I finally caved in and opened the gate.


“Waitaminute… it’s all IcySnowyNasty out here, too!?”


“Seriously, Mom, what was the point of opening the gate if there’s no grass?”

I tried to tell you so, Princess, you just wouldn’t listen.


“That’s it, I’m aborting the mission. Back to the Clubhouse!”


“I’m staying right here in my pen until you get some decent grass out there.”


“We’re just going to stay in here and eat hay, if that’s all right. Going outside really wasn’t your best idea.”

It was kind of pointless, wasn’t it? I wonder how I could have been so silly.


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