Still snowed in…

I’m tired of winter. Really tired of winter. I will welcome the spring mud with open arms. I’m tired of not being able to get out of the driveway, and the sheep are heartily sick of being stuck in their clubhouses. Literally stuck, in Duke’s case. The door to his clubhouse is frozen several inches deep in ice; I couldn’t let him out if I wanted to. Fortunately I designed his pen so I could feed and water him from the outside, without opening the door.

Since I can’t do much outside, I’m trying to work more on my knitting and jewelry to pass the time. I’m trying to gear myself up to try (again!) to knit a sweater. I’ve tried several times to make one, but I’ve never gotten more than a few inches into it before giving up; twice because of bad patterns, twice because of bad yarn, and once because of a bad wrist… I’m starting to think knitting sweaters is a Sisyphean task.

In the meantime, until I decide on my next “real” knitting project, I’ve been playing with double knitting. I found a pattern for fair isle earwarmers, and I’m double knitting the charts instead of making two pieces and sewing them together as written in the pattern. 



The technique is really cool and I love the results so far, but it’s very time consuming. I don’t think I’d want to make a large project out of it.


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