My Favorite Sheep

Someone asked me recently which sheep was my favorite, and I’ve had to do a lot of thinking trying to figure out the answer.


“Excuse me? Um… usually there’s grass out here, but today I don’t see any. Do you know where the grass went?”

Duchess is my favorite sheep, because she’s elegant, graceful, and gentle. Of all my deer-like sheep, she reminds me most of a wild doe; beautiful, but untouchable.


“What do you mean there’s no grass? There’s always been grass! I’ll help you look!”

Lady is my favorite sheep because she’s agile, quick, and curious. She jumps higher than any of her flock mates, constantly climbs on everything, and is usually the inventor of all the Splendid Games.


“Just keep looking, guys! *munch-munch-munch* I’m sure the grass is out there somewhere!”

Princess is my favorite sheep, because she’s brave, bold, and bossy. She always wants to be the center of attention, and always seems to get what she wants, either by batting those big black eyes of hers or by butting everyone else out of her way.


“Guys! Come back! Princess is trying to hog all of the yummy hay!”

Barnabus is my favorite sheep because he’s cute, friendly, and cheerful. Barnabus tries to get along with everyone (even Duke!), follows me around like a puppy, and often jumps up into the air and kicks up his heels for no particular reason except that he’s happy.

Duke (who didn’t want to be photographed today) is my favorite sheep because he’s gorgeous, dignified, and surprisingly good natured for a ram. He looks like a living statue out there in the pasture, and I hope passes his good looks on to his offspring.

In English, the word “sheep” is both singular and plural, so I suppose I can correctly say that they’re all my favorite sheep!



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