A Christmas Puppy!



This is Watcher. He’s a smooth collie puppy that came to live with us a week ago, We’ve been looking for a smooth puppy for a while, so he’s not a Christmas puppy in the stereotypical sense, where people run out and buy the first cute fluffball they see because it would look so cute under the tree with a red ribbon around its neck.

Watcher’s a very good boy, although he has a habit of attacking people’s feet with his needle-sharp puppy teeth. Hopefully we’ll be able to teach him not to do that soon.

In sheepy news, Barnabus, Duke and I have worked out a compromise system where Barney goes over and stays with DUke during the day, then comes back in the evening and sleeps in the Girls’ Clubhouse. Every few days Duke will be a bit too much of a bully and Barney will decide not to go play with him for a day or two after that, but overall they’re doing well with the arrangement. 


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