Christmas Pictures


“Really, Mom?”

Princess was not enthusiastic about me playing dress-up with her, but she kindly indulged her crazy shepherd.


It’s a shame this picture turned out a bit blurry, it’s a great pose.


“Do I have to wear this thing, Mommy?”

Duchess and Lady perked up at the sight of something green and leafy. They were disgusted to discover it wasn’t edible.


“Fake food? Why are you wearing fake food?”

“It’s not my idea!”

I tried to get Barnabus into the pictures, but he insisted on standing in the food trough looking put out because I wasn’t feeding him corn. I’m going to try reintroducing him to Duke in a couple days, since the girls are staying up by their Clubhouse now and Duke may not be so aggressive if there are no girls to compete over. Hopefully then I can take pictures of the two of them together. I doubt either one will consent to wear a holly wreath, though.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Pictures

  1. Those pics are super cute. I picked up two rams from wind ridge Monday. I have them in a pen, so they can get use to the sights and sounds of my place. My girls have did every thing, but climb the fence to get to them. Thanks again for your help. I’m pretty sure a couple of my girls weigh as much as I do, and trimming hooves blows. I had been selecting smaller animals before I ever heard of Soay. I only sale market lambs, and not breeding stock. I would like to get some ewes some day, but $250 per ewe was too rich for my blood. I think 10-12 ewes and a ram will be my final number.

    Love your blog, Joseph

  2. My soay was mix born today!! I did not expect white! Her mom and grand mom is honey brown. Her grand dad was a jet black Hawiian ram. 

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