No more matches! Shuffling board…

Princess was working her way towards an emotional meltdown cooped up in the pen of the Anti-Duke Society, and since Duchess and Lady were no longer quite so enamored with their gallant lover once they’d been out of heat for a few days I decided to shuffle things around once again. Now, things are divided into the Girls’ Club Plus Barnabus, and the Lonely Hearts Club, aka Duke’s bachelor pad. He’s really not happy with this arrangement, especially at night when he can’t see the others.
It’s not good to keep a sheep all alone but there’s not much else I can do, I’m afraid. I went to a great deal of trouble and expense to get a companion for him, but he still thinks Barnabus is his Bitter Rival and tries to kill him whenever they’re together. So he’s stuck on his own, unhappy though it makes both of us.
Everyone has been pretty crazy the last few days, possibly because of the cooler weather. Duchess and Lady refused to come in last night, which made Princess and Barnabus (not to mention me!) Very Upset. Princess kept running back and forth between them and the pen, and Barnabus ran around behind them and tried to herd them up towards the pen, with no success.
This morning both of the truants came running the minute I opened the gate, so apparently they stayed out in haste and repented at leisure. Regardless, their pasture rights have been revoked for the day, and when they do go out they’ll have a much smaller area until I’m sure they’ll come when I call.
Which puts me back to square one as far as Duke is concerned. I’ve tried every possible combination and he’s just not fitting in very well. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with him.
On the bright side, Barnabus let me pet him today, and he and Princess “helped” me freshen up the Clubhouse a bit!


This is what happens when a silly sheep gets in the way just as you toss some fresh straw down.


“Mommy! You made me messy!”


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