Sheepy Match-3

Despite the fact that the ewes all solemnly assured me (again!) that they were pregnant after their last cycle, Duchess and Lady came back into heat (again!) Monday. Romeo Duke wasn’t about to let a little thing like a fence stand between him and true love, even if the fence in question happens to be over twice his height. I would have loved to see him jump it. It must have been quite impressive.

Never mind, I thought. I’ll let the five of them all hang out today, Duke can Do his Duty (again!), then I’ll put him and Barnabus back in the ram pen tonight. Nope. Duke decided that poor little Barnabus was his Bitter Rival and started attacking him, knocking him down, and trampling him. The universal opinion I gathered from every available source was that a wether companion calms a ram down, because he isn’t perceived as a rival. So much for that. I think I jinxed Barnabus with his name. I named him after Barnabas in the Bible, who was the friend and companion of the Apostle Paul. I forgot that Paul’s hardheaded and unforgiving attitude caused the two to go their separate ways. Oops. I should have named him Damon or Pythias.

Not wanting the little guy to get killed, I quickly opened the gate and moved Barnabus back into the ram pen with Princess, who hasn’t come back into heat. Yet. Hopefully that means she’s pregnant.

So now, instead of being divided into Boys’ Club and Girls’ Club, I have the Duke Groupies and the Duke Haterz. Although once out of heat, the girls were more than willing to desert their former flame in favor of their bedtime corn and a cozy night in the Clubhouse. Poor Duke was left alone all night.


“Nobody loves me.”

This week also gave the girls and Barnabus their first experience with snow. The snow, like most other things, was deemed to be a Splendid Game. Barnabus went bouncing gleefully all over the field, while Princess gave the snow her official taste test.


“Yummy snow!”


“Keep eating that yummy snow, Princess! I’ll clean up the rest of this nasty pumpkin. It’s all frosty, I’m sure you wouldn’t like it.”

Duchess and Lady ran around and conked heads a lot, while deftly avoiding Duke’s advances. I choose to believe this means they liked the snow. Certainly they liked it more than they liked Duke, at that particular moment. Fame is a fickle thing, Duke.


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