Beautiful Morning


“Crunchies, Mommy?”

No crunchies, but I have a pumpkin for you girls!


“Yay! This is my half, and that’s my half too. You two can have what’s left.”

The girls entertained themselves with the pumpkin while I cleaned out the Girls’ Clubhouse, then we all walked down to pay a visit to the boys.


I think I’m being gossiped about.


Barnabus has been busily cleaning up all the leaves the storm blew into the ram pen…


… and Princess is cleaning up the ones in the ewe pen.

Sandy tried to clean up an empty Greek Yoghurt container, but his efforts encountered some difficulty.


“Hello? I think I’m stuck!”


“Anyone? A little help?”

I think it was the most delicious predicament he’s ever found himself in.

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