Getting Acquainted


“Who is THAT?! It’s a ScaryStrangeSheep! He might try to eat me!”


“You want me to go say hi? I can’t go say hi, what if he tries to eat me?!”


“Do I LOOK like I’m going to eat you?”


“Hmm, well, I suppose not. And I suppose you are only half my size. Still, a sheep can’t be too careful…”

Once reassured that cute little teddy-bear Barnabus wasn’t a cannibal, Duke was quite friendly towards the newcomer. Until I opened the gate and put the two together. Then there was quite a rodeo as Duke chased Barnabus all around the field, trying to head butt him. Poor little Barnabus ran around getting butted in the rear (no pun intended) until he got tired, plopped down and wouldn’t run any more. I was afraid the little guy would get trampled, but Duke just stood there looking confused and winded until Barnabus got up, then they did the whole thing over again. And again. Rinse and repeat until well after dark.

Today they’re much more civil, so I think they’re going to be good buddies once they’re done getting acquainted. It would probably be easier if the girls and Barnabus would stop sniffing at each other through the fence. Duke doesn’t like anyone else “talking” to his girlfriends.


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